Newspaper Then

Newspaper Then, Now, And In The Future

Newspaper used to be the main source of news and information in various field including politic, entertainment judi poker at, sports, science, etc. It used to be the only source of information people could access in the past. Newspaper then and now are different. The future of newspaper might also different from what most people predict.

However, with the movement in digital era and its dynamic, it is safe to say that digital newspaper will totally replace physical newspaper someday. Up till now, the production of printed newspaper is still happening. However, the number of copies sold keeps declining throughout the years especially since the emergence of internet.

Future Newspaper
Future Newspaper

Future of New Technology

There are many factors influencing the change of newspapers including the dynamic of modern life where digital tools and innovation keep rising. People keep inventing new technology to make a better life. Thus, anything physical are now gradually replaced. The simple example is books. In the past, we only knew physical books. Students used to carry thick, heavy books as their source for learning new knowledge.

Today, students carry tablet and other digital devices and those where they keep their source of information. E-books are now considered as efficient source of information for learning because they are accessible. You don’t have to go to a library if there is e-book edition. It is the same to physical newspaper. People has started turn to online news since technology allowed it.

Newspaper Now
Newspaper Now

What you need to access news regionally, nationally, and internationally is to go online. There are bunch of up to date information regarding to politics, science, entertainment, and sports every day. You can read the news in the bus, in your room, and anywhere you can. That’s’ why digital news are more preferred now especially by millennial.

They don’t know the era before internet. Thus, they have been familiar with everything digital including the way they search for information. Aside from the emergence of internet, economic hard times are also factors contributing to accelerate the problem of newspaper declining. Print issues have been the main problems for newspaper production because it requires high expense.

The future of physical newspaper might not be so bright especially because the technology keeps advancing each day. However, no one truly knows what will happen to the newspaper in the future even though some have made some predictions and assumptions. What we can do today is make the most of newspaper that appear in various forms today, physically and digitally.

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